5 Fun Facts about Car Washing

How often do you wash your car?

Car washing?and detailing is not every car owner?s cup of tea. Whether you take it seriously or don?t mind how dirty your car looks, you will find these car washing facts quite fascinating.

1.?? ?How your car looks to reflect on you

According to a?study?by White Glove Car Wash, one out of every four car owners believes that how your car looks reflects on you. If your car is dirty, it reflects poorly on you and is often a sign of a slob!

If keeping your car neat and tidy is a priority to you, you?re not alone. You are in a prestigious club with another 62% of car owners who take the appearance of their cars seriously.

2.?? ?Car washing saves fuel

Keep your car clean is not only cool but it will also save you a few cents at the pump. Dirt creates drag and can increase fuel by up to 10% which is quite significant.

3.?? ?You can save on medical bills by keeping your car clean

Cars can be messy and with the mess comes germs which can lead to the spread of illnesses. Even though most people are keen on cleaning their homes, cars are usually left out. Keeping your car clean can prevent diseases and save you big bucks in medical bills.

4.?? ?Clean cars have more value

If you have been keeping your car clean spick and span, it might be worth more than a dirty car. Clean cars look better and are easier to sell. According to Kelley Blue Book, a clean car can fetch as much as $1,500 more than a dirty car!

5.?? ?Some car owners have never washed their cars

It might come as a shock, but 16% of car owners admit to never washing their cars at all. A clean, nice looking car is not at the top of the list of every car owner.

If you were looking for a push to take car washing and detailing more seriously, these quick and wacky facts should point you in the right direction.? What do you think? Share your thoughts with?Express Jet Car Wash.

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