5 Tips for Keeping Your Car Clean This Summer

Summertime ushers in easy living, but not for your car.

Probably you have plans for a vacation, frequent short outings or a trip to the beach.?The warmer summer months present some difficulties when it comes to car maintenance. We discuss five tips for keeping your car clean this summer;

Polish & Wax the Car Exterior

Start by giving your car a thorough wash, then proceed to polish and wax. Polishing the coat helps to keep the paint smooth while waxing adds a layer of protection and takes abuse from elements that might otherwise damage a clear coat.

Clean the Carpets

Most cars feature thick and curly carpets. For a thorough carpet clean-up, get a compressed air machine and use it to blow out the dirt and crumbs stuck into the carpet. And if you lack a compressed air machine, a stiff brush and some elbow grease will do the trick.

Clean the Tires

The clean-up isn?t complete if your tires are yet to be cleaned. Only be sure to use a non-acidic cleaning solution to avoid peeling off the paint or coating accidentally.

Vacuum the Interior

Cleaning both the inside and outside of the car is not enough. Vacuum the floor mats, under & between the seats, the back of the sun visors – everywhere. For the small knobs and vents, use a small brush to lift off the dust. Vacuuming helps to suck away any dust before it spreads to the rest of the car.

Install Trash Bags

This summer, improvise a front-seat trash bag that you can use to put all the junk from snacks instead of throwing them anywhere. With these bags, you should reduce the dirt on the floor and in between car seats.

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