Achieving the Perfect Showroom Shine

With a little care and attention, it?s possible to keep that perfect showroom shine!

Few things bring more joy to owners than the gleaming paintwork of a new car as it glides out of the showroom.

And although some wear and tear is inevitable as the vehicle racks up road miles, ?with a little care and attention you can definitely keep that perfect showroom shine. There are just a few simple but essential steps.


No amount of polishing or magic product can bring a good showroom shine to a vehicle if the underlying paintwork is damaged or dirty.

Regular and thorough washing is essential to remove the dirt and debris such as oil, dust, pollen, earth and road materials which will inevitably attach itself to your car during regular use.

You will also want to remove any marks and stains left by rain, snow and other weather events.

Use a strong concentration of a good quality cleaning product and dry your car thoroughly with a soft microfiber towel to avoid any risk of scratching.

Restorative Polish

Once clean, you are likely to find a number of minor scratches, dents and abrasions on your paintwork. But these can often be remedied using a modern car restoration polish.

It?s possible to get good results applying the polish by hand, but this can be hard work with modern paintwork. Fortunately, hand-held polishing machines are now readily available at reasonable cost.

Finishing Polish

Your car should be looking pretty good by now, but there?s still some work to be done. So you should next apply a special finishing polish to remove any fine swirl marks which may have escaped the restoring polish.

Sealing and Protecting ??

Once you?re satisfied that your paintwork is perfectly clean and smooth, the final step is to seal and preserve that finish with a durable glaze.

Numerous products are available, but the key is to choose a high quality acrylic sealant and to apply it as thinly as possible with a microfiber cloth.

Express Jet Car Wash

Following these simple steps will go a long way towards maintaining your car?s ?straight from the showroom? shine. But remember: it all starts with the clean.

For a thorough professional job, you can bring your vehicle to Express Jet Car Wash or contact us online for details of our services and special offers.

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