How Does An Automatic Car Wash Work?

The automatic car wash is becoming common in the car industry by the day

There’s no denying that a bucket full of water and a sponge for hand wash will leave your car or truck sparkling clean, but it?ll take lots of time and effort not to forget the negative impact on the environment.?With an automatic car wash, you have a speedy, hassle-free, consistent and environmental-friendly method of cleaning.

However, while it?s a lot safer than a poorly done hand wash, older automated car washes are known to destroy the car painting. Also, if not properly dried, spots can give your car a less glimmering look after a car wash.

How An Automatic Car Wash Functions

The automatic car wash equipment will wet your car first. That?s to avoid applying soap on a dry and dirty surface. To achieve that, the automatic car wash system will move around the vehicle with low-pressure nozzles.

After wetting the vehicle, the system will then apply a special car wash soap to every inch of the car through spraying. Before the system completes soaping the entire vehicle, the rest of the body will have already soaked in the soap.

By now, the soap should have begun breaking the oil and grease molecules on the surface. The low-pressure nozzles then turn into high-pressure nozzles and rinse away all the soap together with oil/dirt from the surface. The process can get repeated in long but in fast cycles.

Surface cleaning is complete, and it’s now time for the automatic car wash system to wax your car. Also, the system has special cleaners for cleaning the car tires.

Drying comes after cleaning and waxing.?High-pressure?air blowers are used for fast drying and to?ensure?no water spots are left.

If you’re in a hurry, an automated car wash will save you time and energy. And when compared to a bucket hand wash, it saves lots of water and is environmentally friendly.

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