The Different Types of Car Wash Services

Your car is one of your best investments, which means having it cleaned regularly, so it always looks its best.

Once in a while, your car will be covered in dirt, mad or even salt. Your car is one of your best investments, which means having it cleaned regularly, so it always looks its best.

For most people living in their own homes, a?handwash?on the driveway is enough to get the car sparkling clean. Still, some people are not comfortable converting their driveway into a carwash. Further, apartment residents may lack the space for washing their car meaning they have to seek carwash services.

If that describes your situation, there are?different types of car wash services?you can choose from;

Self Service Car Wash

Love cleaning your car but?wouldn?t purchase the professional cleaning equipment and supplies or wash it in your driveway? Consider a self-service carwash.

You drive to a car wash that allows self-service, pay a service fee, pick the cleaning tools and get to work.

Hand-Wash Service

It involves washing your car by hand, but in this case, by trained professionals. It works best if you want?thorough cleaning?by humans, but don?t want to get your hands messy.

After washing, our cleaners dry the car thoroughly using non-abrasive towels. They also vacuum the interior.

Automated In-Bay Car Wash

There’s an unattended terminal where you purchase car wash services. After that, you pull your vehicle into the car wash bay. The car wash moves back and forth cleaning your car using rollers featuring a soft cloth and high-pressure spray.

The automated car wash works best if you have little time or few resources for a detailed clean-up.

Tunnel Washes

While it?s similar to an automated in-bay car wash, in a tunnel car wash, the car moves through a tunnel on a conveyor belt. Positioned in the tunnel are different cleaning elements.

The first part sprays the car with cleaning chemicals, after which it proceeds to the second point with rollers and cloths that clean via friction. Then there?s the last part with a high-pressure hose that sprays water to remove the remaining cleaning materials.

If compared to an automatic in-bay car wash, a tunnel cash washer offers a more thorough wash.

Clean Your Car at Express Jet Car Wash

Located at 212 Churchman’s RD / New Castle, DE 19720, Express Jet Car Wash is committed to?ensuring?your car remains clean. Check out our?Wash Menu?to see our offers on express conveyor tunnel wash and saber touch-free wash.?Join our Frequent Flyer Club?and get unlimited washes each month. For more information, visit us or call (302) 322-0222.

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