Washing Your Car in Cold Weather

Washing?your?car?during?winter?can be very challenging.

It might seem meaningless, but it is impossible to keep the grime from building up.?Below are guidelines that one should follow while cleaning his/her car during the winter season.?These guidelines will enable you to maintain the appearance of your vehicle.


  • Spray under your?car?to?release?any?form?of?sludge?or?salt?that might?have?build-up.?If you are?taking?your?car?for?an automated?car?wash,?request?the?use?of one that?has?an underbody?wash.
  • Ensure you wash away all the salt left on your car for too long.?This because the oxidative reactions of?salt?might?lead?to rust.
  • Pay attention to the?wheels?and tires of your?vehicle.?Make sure?the?pressure?is?correct?and?use?a wheel glaze after?cleaning.?This?prevents?cases?of cracking of the?rubber?on your?tires.
  • As the winter season approaches,?ensure?your?car?is waxed.?This will?act?as a?barrier?to the?salt?and?dirt?and it will?protect?your?car.
  • Buy?winter floor mats that will?protect?the?interior?of your?car?from?the entry?of?salt?and?dirt.

Things Not to Do:

  • Do not wait for the spring season to?wash?your?car.?The?more?the salt stays on your?car?the longer the?chances?of rust formation
  • Do not forget?to stock?your?car?with?anti-freeze.?This will?prevent?damage?to your?car?s?body parts.
  • Avoid?driving?your?car?while it is still wet after?washing.?The?car?handles?might freeze and?cause?severe damages.
  • Avoid?pouring hot water on your?car.?This might cause cracking of your body car and windshield.
  • Do not?wash?your?car?on a?day?with below zero?temperatures.?This may?lead?to?water?freezing?your?door?shuts?or the?car?keyholes.

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